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How to apply for passport online

Online Passport application is a simple five step process.

Step one:

Login to

If you are an existing user log in as Existing User with your User Id and Password.
If you are a new user register and create user Id with filling following details

Register to apply at Passport Office

  1. Select the nearby Passport Office from Dropdown

  2. Fill-up Name, Surname, Date of Birth (in DD/MM/YYYY format), Email Id, login Id (check Availability), password, a hint question and hint answer to retrieve user Id and Password. And finally enter the image displayed at the box.

Note down your User Id and Password.

Step Two

By using the user id and password, login to the site which will allow to access the Application Home
Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”

There are two alternatives to fill and upload the details.

  1. Alternative 1/Offline Mode: In offline mode download the soft copy of application form in point 1 of “Alternative 1 (Recommended*).
Fill-up the form with required details, where internet connection is not required. And then click thepoint 3 of “Alternative 1 (Recommended*)”to upload the form. Note that Acrobat Reader version 9 or above required to download the soft copy of application form.

      2.  Alternative 2/Online Method: In this method need to fill- up the application form online.(internet connection is required to fill the form online)

Step three:

The third step involves filling up the necessary details either by offline mode or online mode.passport2.JPG

  • Click on the Applying For “Fresh Passport”
  • Click on Type of Application (a) Normal or (b) Tatkal ,as per your requirement.
  • Click on Type of Passport Booklet (a) 36 Pages (b) 60 Pages, as per your requirement.
Then click on the next which will accesses you to another page to fill up the applicant details.
Note that Under Tatkaal Scheme, you need to submit a Verification Certificate as per specimen at Annexure 'B' and Standard Affidavit as per specimen at Annexure 'E'.

Step Four:

In step four fill up the applicant details, Name, surname, gender, date and place of birth, state, district, marital status and other details mentioned in the page. Please note that all the field marked * are compulsory.
Click on the declaration form and save the form. By clicking on the next icon it will navigate you to the next page to schedule, Pay and Book the appointment.




passport3.JPGStep Five:

The fifth step is to make online payment and book an appointment at Passport Seva Kendr (PSK).
In this page dates available for appointments at PSKs will be shown under the relevant Regional Passport Office.Select a PSK based on available date and as per your convenient.
Enter the doe displayed and click on the ‘Next’ icon at the bottom right corner.
All the details about your application will be shown on this page, i.e. Application Reference Number (ARN), name, the amount to be paid and the appointment date.
Click the icon at the bottom right corner for appointment payment and booking. Make sure that all the details entered are correct.
passport4.JPGMake an online payment by suing internet banking/debit card/credit card by selecting the bank in which you hold the account.
On successful completion of payment, you will receive an ‘Appointment Confirmation’ and an Appointment Number. 
Click on ‘Print Application Receipt’ icon which will navigate to the final step of the application process.

Step Six:

The Print Application Receipt page gives the details of application. Print a copy of the Application receipt which you need to carry while visiting the PSK on scheduled appointment date.
‘Passport Application Receipt’ is proof of completion of the passport online application process.
If you are unable to attend the appointment, you should either reschedule or cancel your passport appointment at PSK before the scheduled appointment date.

You can check the required documents at PSK by clicking the below mentioned link.