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Apply Voter ID Election Card Online

Voter ID card or Electors Photo Identity Card is a photo identity proof issued by the Election Commission of India to indian citizen who holds the right to vote.

The card contains a unique identification number, photographs, name and address of the card holder.Now a voter ID card is essential to register in electoral rolls when a person migrate to some place other than his domicile. This card is used as an identity and address proof. 

Voter card can be applied by both online and offline voter id method.

    Eligibility for Voter ID card

    1. The applicant must be 18 years of age.
    2. A person must be the resident of India.

    Documents required for voter ID card

    1. Identity proof(birth certificate, passport, driving license, PAN Card or high school mark sheet)
    2. Address proof(Mobile telephone bill ,Land phone bill , Water bill ,Electricity bill , Property tax receipt , Bank statement ,Passport ,Ration card , House Lease/Rental agreement ,LPG receipt , Driving license)
    3. Age proof(birth certificate, high school certificate)
    4. Photographs

    Online application of voter ID


    Online application of voter id is simpler and easier as compared to offline mode.


    1. Log in to the national voters service portal     

    2. Click on the icon “Apply online for registratation of new voter/due to shifting from AC”

    3. This will navigate to fill the Form 6 which contains several fields. All the fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.


    • Choose the state from the drop down.
    • Choose the Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency from drop down.
    • Next tick the first button mentioned as पहली बार के मतदाता के रूप में / As a first time voter.
    • The next step is to fill up the name and relative details both in English and regional language.
    • Mention the age of applicant as on 1st January of the calendar year or you can mention the date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY Format
    • Mention the gender of the applicant.
    • Fill-up the present and permeant address with pin code.
    • Enter the disability details if any and EPIC details if issued.
    • Mention the valid Email id and Mobile no. which is optional.
    • The next step is to upload the photograph, age proof and address proof.
    • Fill-up the declaration page by mentioning the address details, resident till date and as a first time applicant for voter id.


    After filling up the all the details click on the submit button. After submission the system will generate a reference no.Keep a record of the reference no for future use.

    Post verification, by the electoral officer voter id card is issued to the applicant which is sent by Indian Post.

    Track Application status

    If voter id not received within 1-2 months one can check the status of the Application by visiting the below mentioned link.

    Enter the reference no for online application and click Track Status’. You will see the status of your application. If the verification timing is more than usual you have not received the voter ID then visit the DEO with the reference no.

    Benefits of applying online for voter card

    1. Online applications are hassle free and take less time as compared to offline mode of application.
    2. No need to visit the electoral office. The voter id will be delivered to your doorstep.
    3. Track your application status by online using the reference number.