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Buxar Lies On the Border with the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. River Ganges (Ganga) forms the border in north and in the west river Karmanasa. The word Buxar said to have been derived from Vyaghrasar. The tiger face of Rishi Vedshira was an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasa. Rishi Vedshira came out from the curse after taking bath in holy tank which was later named as Vyaghraar. This city is a very significant place for Lord Rama devotees. A number of epic stories linked with Lord Rama has taken place in this part of Bihar. The city also has a mention in Ram Charit manas.

According to Indian mythology, Sage Vishwamitra the family Guru of Lord Rama and eighty thousand Saints, had their sacred ashram at the banks of holy River Ganges. Lord Ram and his younger brother protected the Yanga (the scared puja performed by sages) from Demons at this place. It is believed that Lord Rama and his brothers received their education in this place which is now known as Buxar.

Buxar is a famous tourist destination and rich with historical heritage. Travelling to this part can give to you insight in to the rich cultural heritage of the region that has been preserved since ages.

December to February is the best time to visit this place.


Places of interest in and around Buxar:

Katkauli Ka Maidan  

 Katkauli ka Maidan is the place where the Battle of Buxar was fought on 22 October 1764 between the forces under the command of the British East India Company led by Hector Munro and the combined armies of Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal; the Nawab of Awadh; and the Mughal King Shah Alam. The Ground Is Located On the Outskirts Of Buxar On Patna Highway. A Victory Memorial Raised by the British which bears testimony to the battle.


Buxar Fort

Buxar Fort is one of the ancient testaments, which is situated along River Ganga in the town of Buxar. This is a fort of historical importance that was constructed by King Rudra Deo in 1054 AD. Apart from the historic fort, there are several attractions close to the fort such as Gauri Shankar Temple, Nath Baba Temple and many others.


Brahmeshwar Nath Temple

Brahmeshwar Nath Temple is another revered place in the region, which is also referred to as Baba Brahmeshwar Nath Dham. Positioned on Buxar-Patna Road, the shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a special significance of paying homage during the month of Shawan. This shrine can also be approached from Raghunathpur, situated at distance of 2 km.


Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum

Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum is one of the largest repositories in Buxar that features various artefacts and articles. The gallery was established in 1979 for preserving rare stone sculptures and coins. The museum is named after a local resident, Late Sita Ram Upadhyaya, who collected a contrasting range of terracottas. There is a separate gallery in the museum that displays his collection.


Ahilya Uddhar

It is located at a distance of 3 kms from Buxar. It is famous for the ashram of rishi Gautama. This place has a significant value in ancient history and has mention in Ramcharit manas. Ahilya regained her human life by the touch of lord Ram’s feet.