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Chandika Sthan

Chandika Sthan is one of sixty-fourth divine shrine (Shakti Peeth) of Goddess Sati. It is situated in the northeast region of the Munger city, in Vindhya Mountain cave on the bank of the river Ganga. It is four kilometer away from the main town Munger.  Chandika Sthan is one of the most sacred temple in India and millions of devotees visit here every year. During the Navratri the number of pilgrims increases considerably.

Story about Chandika Sthan

The death of goddess Sati made lord Shiva angry. Lord Shiva took the corpse of Goddess Sati and started moving around the universe. Due to his anger the life in earth was in danger and the whole creation was about to destroy. It was to save the world from the anger of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu cut the corpse in 64 pieces by his sudarshan Chakra. The left eye of Devi Sati felled at Munger and the divine power of Goddess sati embedded in that place. Shakti Peeth is that place where worship and practice of tantra performed.

Another story is from the epic Mahabharata, the King of Anga Karna was a great devotee of Devi Chandika. He worshiped Goddesses Chandi and as a boon he got 50 kilogram of gold every day. The king Karna used to distribute among the people every day and that place still famous as Karnachaura. 

During Navratra Tantric came here to worship goddess Chandika and perform Tantra Sadhana. They gain divine power by Tantra Sadhana. There is a local myth about this place, that any kind of eye problem get cured by blessing of Devi Chandika. Special Puja are performed during Navratra time which starts at 3 AM every day. It is believed that all wishes are fulfilled when someone worship with full devotion.




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