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  • LAI
    Bihar sweet cuisine lai is ball-shaped, having cereal mixed with khova or jiggery syrup. Its variants change with change in cereal, like puffed rice (mudhi), beaten rice (choora) or Ram dana.
  • Khurma also known as shakkarpara is another sweet snack from Bihar. It is most commonly made during festive season. These are sweet, crispy, melt in mouth sugar-coated biscuits that you can have it any time.
  • Thekua is a Sweet, crispy, crunchy traditional snack of Bihar. It is specially prepared on the occasion of Chhath Puja, Makar Sankranti. But it is also prepared at any time you want.
  • Bihar has a huge culture of street foods and the street vendors churn out with delicious, affordable foods at the stalls. When we come to the delicious dish Chaat, how could we forget Batatapuri- a dish came through the origin of chaat.
  • Litti Chokha can be considered as national dish of Bihar. It was started as a meal of poor and then was selling on carts on the street and then reached the kitchen of Bihar. Chetan Bhagat and Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about the dish. Now it has become the soul food of Jharkhand as well as Bihar.