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  • Tilkut or tilkatri made of sesame seeds is a sweet snacks prepared during harvesting festival makar Sankranti in Bihar, Jharkhand and some part of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Lung latika a traditional desert of Bihar prepared during festive season. This name laung latika is due to use of clove in it
  • Dal Puri is a traditional Bihari Cusine made up of salted all- purpose flour, which is filled with spicy crushed gram-pulses.
  • Chana Ghugni is one of the most cheapest and filling food among varieties of street food we get in Eastern parts of India. It can be served with almost everything, puri, parathas, Chapatti or eaten just as plain ghugni.
  • Khaja is a sweet snack made from flour and sugar. Though it is made in almost all states in India but the delicacy roots from Silao village of Bihar.