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  • Phulori is an evening snack which is served with tomato chutney mostly in eastern part of India. Phulori is a favorite evening snack in Bihar and one of the popular street food.
  • Tisi ki chutney is an Indian spicy sauce rich with flavors which is prepared from flax seeds and other locally available spices. It tastes great with bread, chapatti and very popular in Bihar, Jharkhand.
  • Bharwa Karela or stuffed bitter gourd is a popular dish in north India, Punjab and in many other parts of India.
  • Parwal Ki Mithai is an easy and delicious recipe prepared specially in Bihar during festival. It is a unique sweet which is made from vegetable unlike other sweets which are usually made from milk and milk products.
  • Pedakiya is another sweet dish from Bihar. This sweet dish is prepared during Teej Festival.